Some months ago, after my grand-daughter Leila’s school in Oakland, California burned down and its rebuilding seems to be drowning in a bureaucratic swamp, I predicted that it would NEVER be rebuilt in time to begin the 2007-8 school year on time.

I was wrong. The Oakland Unified School District and the contractors that they hired came through. Parents, students, teachers and friends of the school worked furiously for a week or so before school started — and up to almost midnight on the night before the first day of school — to have a new, better, cleaned-up Peralta School ready for action, right on time!!
I underestimated what good will and great good spirits from administrators. teachers and parents can accomplish, when it involves the welfare of the children that they love and support.

So while I’m are not entirely unhappy about it, yours truly has already eaten his hat, and as promised, is eating crow!