Remind yourself this week that you have a brain. It`s officially Brain Awareness Week, which is an acknowledgment that many of our citizens NEED reminding! And as you are pondering your brain’s mysteries, you might also reflect on its health (which equates with the health of YOU). You are, after all, its custodian–the party responsible for what it can and cannot do–the caretaker that has it in fine fettle, or begging for oxygen!

To be a bit more sober about it, one of the important health information achievements of our modern era is the appreciation that we should be feeding and exercising our brains to sustain them in good stead, just as we must be concerned about how we feed and exercise our bodies. The Brain Resources from Posit Science, and, have particularly interesting and useful advice for you about this very important subject, as a part of THEIR celebration of Brain Awareness Week. You shall also find links to other useful, scientifically rigorous informational sources at those sites.

My suggestion is that you spend the week learning a little more about how to take better care of YOU!