Dr. John Andersen recently visited our research group from his laboratory at the University of California at Riverside, to help us understand important studies conducted in his laboratory documenting some aspects of change in the visual perceptual abilities of older individuals. He and his colleagues have conducted a number of important and provocative studies that richly expose emergent problems in the accurate reception and judgments about moving stimuli. Older individuals get less information from motion than to young viewers; they also make slower and less precise judgments about things that they see moving. These abilities are important for ALL of us – and doubly so for you hunters or birders or automobile jockeys or horse people or tennis players or babysitters of active grandchildren or a thousand other aficionados, for whom movement is of the essence!

Of course our goal is to elaborate our visual training strategies to even more strongly recover these very important skills and abilities. John Andersen has been an important source of insight for us, in the development of new tools. I thought that you might be interested in meeting him, and in hearing him talk about this aspect of vision reception, put in his own worlds. If that sounds interesting to you, check it out, below!