Ed Steenerson began his career as a rehabilitation psychologist before moving to the high-tech industry as an engineer and manager. Ed was a leader and team builder — which was all the more remarkable in light of the fact that he had suffered serious head trauma in an accident as teenager. Through hard work and persistence, Ed’s educational and career success beautifully documented how he overcame the memory and other cognitive losses that stemmed from this childhood injury. But while working for a Fortune 500 company as a manager in his 40’s, things began to fall apart.

Ed found that he could no longer remember things, stay focussed, or effectively work in group settings. His short-term memory and concentration deteriorated to the point where he could not function at meetings. “You need to be fluent in exchanges with people, deal with surprises, and think on your feet,” Ed exlained. “I could no longer be effective in this highly competitive world.”

Caught in a downward spiral of fading skills and lower self-esteem, Ed withdrew from much of life, shying away from the peole and activities that had previously meant so much to him. As Ed put it, “I just didn’t want to look stupid.”

Ed sought the help of a neuropsychologist who carried him through a course of neuro-feedback treatments. They had little impact on his poor memory or lack of concentration. Ed tried some “brain stimulation” software that had no effect. His psychologist then advised Ed to complete Posit Science’s Brain Fitness Program.

Ed tells us that it made all the difference. Even before completing the Posit BFP, Ed began to notice striking improvements in his short-term memory and overall mental acuity. To his delight, he found that he was once again able to grasp, recall, and work with information gleaned from reading, conversations, and watching the news. Ed’s family and friends noticed amazing change in his behavior. In his own words, “It’s like I’d walked out of a fog. Anyone who’s known me over the past several year will have seen a real turnaround since the Brain Fitness Program.”

With the rekindling of his conversation skills and recovered self-confidence, Ed started making connections with a circle of highly intelligent, well-informed people — engaging once again in the stimulating discussions that he had enjoyed so much in the past. Ed has also dedicated himself to serving his community and joining in activities that promote world peace and environmental renewal. This involves attending meetings, thinking critically and exchanging ideas — activities Ed can again pursue with enthusiasm and confidence.

“When you’re not all there memory-wise, you don’t understand stuff and have to ask people after meetings to repeat things and tell you what went on,” he explains. “These are no longer problems for me. Now people ask me what went on!”

Having experienced these changes, Ed is making Posit Science’s brain fitness training a part of his regular routine. Ed has “made almost a full 180-degree turnaround,” but he expects even greater improvements as he continues and elaborates his brain fitness exercises!”