Come join me this Wednesday, June 28th, on the social discussion website Reddit to talk about brain plasticity. Reddit has around 250 million users and provides a great opportunity to interact with, and educate, the public on what it means to have a plastic brain. Invite your colleagues, grad students, friends and family to publicly ask questions and revel in the brain’s amazing ability to alter its anatomical, neurochemical, and functional performance across the lifespan.

The thread will become live at 9:30 am PST on Wednesday the 28th at To ask a question, please register and then search for the post titled:

“I am neuroscientist Dr. Michael Merzenich, a principal discoverer of lifelong brain plasticity. AMA about your brain’s ability to change from the cradle to the grave.”

Your question can be entered in the comment box (located directly below my biography) and submitted by pressing the “save” button. Additional how-to information can be found here.

I hope you’ll join me in making a concerted effort to public outreach.