I spent a little time yesterday, describing the obvious virtues of our new <strong>INSIGHT</strong> brain fitness training program. Here’s two more:

1) Visual cognition is language independent. If your native language is German or Italian or Tagalog or Swahili or Bengali, it should work, for YOU! You need to read a little English to follow the rules of the game, but the English language requirements are of a very simple nature. If you can read this blog, GO FOR IT!

2) These exercises are challenging, but fun, and they are clearly applicable and useful for millions of visually- and cognitively-impaired kids. They might not be sustainable if the child is younger than 8 or 9; but older children can be expected to make damn good use of it!

Again, for more information about the design and uses of <strong>INSIGHT</strong>, see the previous blog and www.positscience.com