Many of you may have seen this program.  At last count, it has been shown several thousand times. Almost every PBS station has repeatedly aired it.  Moreover, like a bad penny, it’ll show up again, in the next pledge-break period!  All of this attention stems from its success.

PBS viewers have made this one of the most successful (perhaps in the end, THE single most effective) fund-raising programs in history.  My colleagues and I at Posit are very proud of that fact, for three reasons.

First, it means that many hundreds of thousands or millions of individuals have been educated about brain plasticity, as a resource that they can employ to improve their brain health and mental vitality.

Second, it means that tens of thousands of individuals in need of help have received it, via our donation of these many thousands of copies of the Brain Fitness Program to PBS.

Third, Public Broadcasting is an important informational and educational resource for every American citizen, and we are VERY happy to contribute so materially to its continuing good health.

Because of its success, PBS is providing support for the production of a second “Brain Fitness Program”………    coming into your home from a PBS station near you, not too far into the future!