Jacksonville, Florida is making an unprecedented attempt to move up in the world. How can a large American city accomplish that? There is one slow-but-certain way: Improve the brain potential of, and the possibilities for achievement for EVERY child.

How on earth could an entire city begin to achieve THAT? Led by a great Superintendent of Schools (Dr. Joseph Wise), and an enlightened school-administration team and Board (and by other key civic leaders), Jacksonville is investing heavily in new technical infrastructure, in computers, and in the most advanced computer-based brain-plasticity-based training programs so that an outstanding array of the best brain training tools in the world are available in every public school in their metropolitan area. Their goal [which ought to be on the front burner for EVERY American town and city]: MORE CAPABLE KIDS with empowered brains that learn and think at higher speed, that facilitate better reading, that operate with greater efficiency on problems of greater complexity. Kids that are trained in the facile use of the sophisticated modern tools of technology that can so greatly facilitate learning. Little sponges for brains, that can progress through the normal content acquisition and beyond, at well-above-normal speed!

Their next goal should be to extend the benefits of these brain training programs to the older work force to improve the quality of Jacksonville workers, and to upgrade the quality of life of its mature citizens.

Keep an eye on Jacksonville. They are doing something very special there. We’re going to monitor their progress on this blog over the next decade. I believe that if they keep at it, and continue to grow these initiatives, you are going to see the citizens in this beautiful city collectively rise above that flat Florida landscape!