It was big local news at Posit Science last week when its scientists and engineers completed the development of a new suite of intensive brain plasticity-based training programs targeting declining visual perception, visual attentional control, eye movement control, and related cognitive abilities — and released the programs internally, for evaluation by its “outcomes research” team. Very extensive testing has already shown that these new programs can substantially rejuvenate the visual capabilities – and related visual cognitive skills — of the older brain. Now, controlled scientific studies shall determine the overall effectiveness of this program suite, as well as the additive and possibly synergistic values of applying this very extensive new program with Posit’s already-widely applied “Brain Fitness Program”, which targets both declining listening and language abilities, and the many cognitive processes that depend on them.

I’ve been exercising with these new visual-skills programs for awhile now, and they’re TERRIFIC. When our scientific outcomes and program reliability studies are completed, Posit Science will make an announcement about their general availability. It is already pretty clear that most people shall enjoy, and very substantially benefit from their use!